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The solutions offered by IMSL provide customers with products, information and personalized shopping experience they are looking for. We allow the retail sector to keep pace with the transformations that are sweeping the industry. Your business can be digitized to harness real-time customer & POS (Point of sale) insights.

The shoppers can be reached across various platforms including mobile devices and get the visibility that is needed to optimize everything such as merchandising and supply chain. We offer a suite of retail services & solutions that enable end to end transformation in the retail sector. Our services leverage an in-depth technology expertise and rich retail industry domain experience to deliver results with uncompromised certainty.

The various segments that we cater to include: Food & Grocery, Non-Store retailing, Specialty retailing, Fashion & Apparel, General Merchandise, and Pharma retailing. The advantages that we offer for retail industry are:

  • The digitally savvy customers are armed with smart devices and expect retailers to engage with them digitally across various fronts- social media, in-store, online as well as their mobile phone. IMSL engages with all the customers across various channels.
  • In-store customer’s experience is also improved resulting in an increase in revenue by delivering superior buying experiences.
  • The multi-channel, digital marketing & merchandising that is focused on shoppers our services and solutions help transform the retails business with minimal time to market.