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We partner with the utility organizations to define and deploy the business effectiveness improvement programs. These programs help them stay ahead. Utilities take a fresh look at the technology. They consider it to be a tool to gain competitive advantage. We help them optimize the asset utilization and improve customer service to build an intelligent infrastructure which is built with the regulations. We also help the utility organization to become more resilient, proactive and agile.

The utility industry includes electricity, gas and water utilities, we help them improve their top line by creating differentiated offerings and processes.

Need For Services:

  • 1) Wide industry with lots of deregulations
  • 2) Lots of mergers and acquisitions resulting in consolidations and integrations
  • 3) Expanding markets and their demands
  • 4) Aging assets and workforce
  • 5) Changing regulation
  • 6) Increasing prices of raw materials

Services We Provide:

  • 1) Enterprise Asset Management
  • 2) Customer Services
  • 3) Enterprise Solutions
  • 4) Business Intelligence and Performance Management
  • 5) Energy Trading and Risk Management
  • 6) Metering and Meter Data Management
  • 7) Business Process Outsourcing