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We have a team of experienced individuals including Marketing Automation Consultants, Salesforce experts, and Data Experts, who employ the best practices to transform your marketing programs by combining the technical expertise. We work to maximize your investment in the marketing automation platforms, salesforce, data analytics solutions and other.

The concept of marketing has grown to a great extent these days and is not just confined to reach maximum customers, it focuses more on the levels of engagements. Businesses are nowadays engaging with the target audience across different channels and hence the role of marketing has increased. A good marketing technology is required to remain consistently on the top of the customer’s mind.

At IMSL, we have implemented extended and managed marketing automation solutions to help them achieve their marketing goals. The major services offered are:

  • Consolidated Global HR/Employee Communities & Intranets
  • HR Service Desks
  • HR & Employee Data Analysis, Tools, Reports/Dashboards
  • HR Document Automation
  • Custom Apps