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We provide custom solutions for the sales team to help them manage the CPQ processes more effectively and efficiently. We extend our capabilities of the basic sales cloud and provide you with a scalable set of tools.

Our CRM & sales automation platforms make the sales team workflow much easier. We work on deploying and developing CRM solutions effectively and efficiently. Our team has expertise in the technicality of sales. We understand the sales processes of your sales team carefully and offer unique solutions on how to leverage technology to solve the challenges faced by them. Our experts manage, streamline workflows, customize configurations, build 3rd party integrations, and automate data integrations on various stages including the sales cloud.

The solutions which we provide are as follows:

  • Custom Websites & Applications
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards
  • E-commerce Portals
  • CPQ Solution Enhancement
  • Integrations with Marketing Automation Instances and 3rd Party Tools