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India Market Softech Ltd. offers agile training, agile consultancy and add-on development services for software and tools used in project or issue tracking, document collaboration, team chat, file sharing and more. Our approach is based on hosting self-organized, very productive, collaborative teams working together in transparent process frameworks and flexible environment utilizing effective working infrastructure.

Product-Centric Development Model

Utilizing Lean and Agile development principles which are adopted for Enterprise, India Market Softech Ltd. delivers high-value software applications regularly every few weeks. This provides a distinct competitive advantage to our esteemed clients.

Tools Support

We provide round-the-clock support to our global clients running various tools offered by us. From configuration, installation and upgrade projects to scaling and performance tuning we provide the latest technology and support your people in running the systems through our advanced training and maintenance solutions.

Team Experience & Performance

We have an experienced team of Certified Scrum Masters and agile practitioners who are actively involved in the agile software development methodologies. There is a minimal emphasis on hierarchy and administrative overhead in agile methodology. Our teams take ownership of the process and work in collaboration while communicating openly on a regular basis. We strive for continuous performance improvements via process experiments and mandatory retrospections.

Business Involvement Culture

Our client-driven iterative development allows the clients to steer projects, iteration by iteration addressing what they identify to be of highest value to them. Clients adapt and can choose the next iteration on the basis of their newest insight instead of speculations at the start of the agile software project.

Work Gamification

We bring gamification functionality to different professional areas, enabling companies to motivate employees effectively while advancing skills. Our skill finder functionality helps in identifying experts amongst employees and provides insight into skills an individual possesses via a crowd populated database for the entire organization.