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Who we are

IMSL is a global brand with world-class services. It is reinforced with core values and focuses on serving the clients.The business solutions delivered by the company provide dynamic results to the global organizations.Our team ensures high levels of certainty through its deep-set of commitment and comprehensive industry expertise. The company has been established in response to rapid growth in Information Technology and the need for digital and business solutions for the growing businesses.

What We Do

Millions of businesses struggle for better information technology services. IMSL endeavors to serve the clients for every business function, in whatever capacity required. Our hands-on technical services focus on enduring results and equipping our client to grow in all possible ways. Our implementation specialists work with the client to help develop their recommendations into practice. We strive to look for better ways to serve our clients and intend to anticipate their future needs.

Open Door
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We maintain an open culture in our company, in this everyone feels comfortable in sharing their views and ideas. We always support the employees to speak up their mind and have direct conversation with the management or the team leads. It really helps the team to stay motivated.
Rewards and Recognitions
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Our employees are an asset to our organization. We believe in motivating them by appreciating their hard work and efforts. We recognize the achievements of the employees by various formal and informal ways like bonus, employee of the month, increments, etc.
Professional Growth
At ISL, learning never stops. We keep on organizing various training programs for the employees to enhance their technical as well as leadership skills. We have skilled and well experienced people who come and take sessions for professional growth of the employees.
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ISL has enduring commitment to diversity and inclusion. The diversity of thought yields commitment to create client innovation in every part of our business. Diversity brings people from diverse cultures, experiences and point of views together in the workforce and industry, thus making us grow.
Fun and Games
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We keep on organizing various fun events and activities such as festival or birthday celebration, sport tournament and many more for around the year. This help to keep the employees motivated all year long.