Businesses require a clear focus on their customers’ expectations and needs. Your organization has to keep up with the diverse and fragmented customer segment with high expectations. To stay competitive you have to be visible and adjust to latest changes in technology. Which marketing trends should your company follow? Here, we will take a look at the latest marketing trends that are changing the face of marketing.

1. Use Big Data:

The big data that includes unstructured & social data is a goldmine for marketers globally. In the past marketers shied away from big data as they lacked the skills and the big budget to translate the data into something meaningful. The latest tools available in the market now make the data management and data mining easier than ever. Incorporation of big data & analytics into marketing decisions is the latest trend this year.

2. Content Is Still King:

There is no decline in sight for the significance of great content. This year the greater focus lies on bringing the influencers on board for greater organic marketing. Storytelling is going to play an important role in drawing the customers in and keeping them engaged. The content campaigns have to be driven by natural, relevant content in the right channels.

3. Mobile:

The number of people who browse via devices has left behind the desktop users these days. It is essential to have a mobile optimized, responsive website with custom apps and mobile-targeted campaigns. The mobile is basic for retailers and soon it will apply to other segments as well. Mobile cannot be put off for another year as the frontrunners have already moved on to other things.

4. Video & Live Streaming:

Video is a must have marketing tactic if you want to engage with millennials who prefer to find entertainment and education on YouTube. Streaming live videos using platforms such as Periscope and Blab have placed the interactive live video into the hands of anyone who has a smartphone. This year video will continue to shine with streaming moving to the forefront of marketing with innovative campaigns allowing customers to be the stars.

5. Virtual Reality:

The virtual reality technology is going to change the way marketers engage with the consumers this year. Personalization is one of the biggest keys to marketing. The ability to tell the 360-degree story enables the organizations to engage with the customers like never before. Adoption of virtual reality by companies will cause a positive shift in the entire marketing ideology.

Customer focus, delivering value and making a decision on the basis of data and good ideas have been responsible for successful marketing for decades. What’s new is the innovation and creativity that is needed to deliver value to your customers when and where they need it!