The business climate is changing very rapidly at present, and it is important to keep your customers happy for your organization’s success. This may be challenging especially for start-ups as they often lack staff and resources that are needed to provide support to current and potential customers. One of the most effective solutions is to use a CRM platform that helps automate tasks and also streamlines sales and marketing efforts at the same time.

CRM makes it possible to keep track of hundreds of thousands of individual customer histories and preferences easily. In essence, a Customer Relationship Management platform means happier customers and better returns. Once you have decided that you need a CRM system you’re still left with the issue of selecting the one that has all the features you are looking for. If you are considering a CRM for your business, it is worth incorporating the following features in your checklist prior connecting with CRM service providers:

1. Software or Cloud based

Identify if you need an on-premise (software) or off-premise (cloud-based) CRM. First of all, you need to contemplate how much data you need to manage. Both hardware and software components have their own set of hurdles. If you choose cloud computing the need to deal with software problems is eliminated and the shared infrastructure is much like a utility and you can pay for what is required and also get automatic upgrades.

2. Unique Features

Though the basic focus of every CRM is similar but each individual platform has its own distinct set of features. You will need to research and compare the specific features of each CRM available. The one you decide on must come with the must-haves on your checklist. Check what fits your needs appropriately. You can consider everything from lead management, marketing automation to sales data and mobile access.

3. Customization/ Partnerships

Customization here is referred to expanding the behavior of out-of-the-box functionality and the majority of CRM solutions can be customized for any specific needs. It can only be a minor change such as changing the location of a text screen or be extensive such as creating brand new applications unrelated to sales. While aligning your organization with the right CRM, make it a point to find out how rich the customization is to meet your present and future needs.

4. Scalability

As your business grows, your customer relationships also need to grow concurrently. The CRM you choose must have the capacity to scale to the largest teams and architecture behind the service to handle millions of users. You’ll like to choose something that can scale as rapidly as you want, so this is also a significant feature to look for.

You may also need to consider the price and customer support offered by CRM provider. Once you have satisfied everything on your checklist its time to begin a dialogue and schedule proposals with the company that meets your budget, and moves abreast in future to accomplish the set goals effortlessly.